A very short puzzle game that hates you, with a GameBoy-like aesthetic and simple controls. This game is now mobile friendly as well!

Version 1.1

This idea was inspired by one of Stuffed Wombat's prototypes from his pretty cool Twitter thread > See his prototype here!

Make sure you follow him and myself as well!

Stuffed Wombat -https://www.twitter.com/wombatstuff

Samuel Currier (me) - https://www.twitter.com/_KRedible_

Development log


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I really liked the game but I missed music. If you want to, I can help you with that (for free, obviously). I´m a beginner, though. My discord is Bluenato #3512

Hello, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I am already working on some music for this game, and would rather keep it as a solo project. However, I will add you on Discord when I have the chance, and I wouldn't mind making another small project to help you showcase your music. Let me know what you think!


Nice little game. Congrats!

Thank you for playing it, I'm glad you had fun!